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Even before Affection to Detail came to be, there was always a desire to achieve perfection in any automotive work undertaken. Self taught eight years ago in vehicle body preparation and coating techniques, the need for perfection was instilled through and through. Nothing was ever considered finished until it was perfect. In the later years, closer detail was paid to actual refinishing and maintenance techniques, rather than the actual coating applications, to help to preserve the finish.

It is very possible to give the vehicle a better finish than when it left the factory. Many cars have defect correction carried out before they leave the factory but not every car is prepared to the same high standards that Affection to Detail provide. For every vehicle prepared by Affection to Detail, work is carried out on a damage limitation strategy. By selecting the best products and tools and steering away from sponges, water blades, chamois and harsh chemicals, the company aims to keep your car looking great even if you don’t want the full correction package.

Most work comes via the recommendation of previous customers. Affection to Detail doesn’t widely advertise, which ensures that clients who contact the company via a friends or colleagues recommendation, normally understand the level of service that is provided. If someone you know tells you that someone is good, they usually are.

If you would like to know more about how the company is operating day to day please visit Affection to Detail's blog.