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ScratchLeather Regeneration

Over time leather will attract dirt which will become ingrained into the top layer, especially in creases. With age, the leather will also dry out and begin to crack. Through a use of cleaners and conditioners it should be possible to bring the leather back to life and though careful maintenance keep the leather in its new condition.


Alcantara CleanupAlcantara Shaving

Due to the soft nature of alcantara, through continuous use, piling or bobbling can occur because it is subjected to friction whilst you are seated on it. Whilst this does not look pleasing to the eye it also reduces the "grab" of the material so you may find if used on a seat, it doesn't quite hold you in position like it used to. With careful shaving of the seat it is possible to reduce or totally remove this problem.


These tend to appear as a haze floating over the paints surface. They can either consist of very fine random swirls otherwise known as micro marring, which can be removed by the use of a fine polish, or they can be caused by products not being fully removed from the paintwork. In some instances this is caused by waxes as they cure. Normally resolved by a simple rub down with a lubricated solution and microfibre cloth.

Stone Chips

As with scratches, stone chips can be made less visible dependant on size through compounding and polishing. If a touch up pen is available, the chip can be filled, sanded then blended in. Metallic paint touch ups are more noticeable as it’s harder to get the flake to lay in the same direction as the factory paint.


Once removed it is sometimes possible to see the original location due to the surrounding paint becoming damaged and faded. Once again with the use of compound and machine polishing this can normally be removed.