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Winter Protection Detail

With the cold spells rapidly approaching and already upon some parts of the country, it's that time of year when vehicle bodywork will take a battering from the elements, not to mention the amount of salt and grit applied to the roads.Unfortunately, not all vehicles can spend the winter months tucked up in a heated garage, so for those that must brave it out, extra protection and cleaning is needed to ensure that there are no detremental effects on the bodywork.

This Detail follows along the same lines as the standard Protection Detail but uses two coats of a harder wearing wax. This will provide better long term protection. It is also advised, that if a maintenace programme is not in place, that arches, especially those that have an internal lip are kept clear of buildup, so that salt does not have time to cause corrosion in unseen places. Many an arch shows signs of rusting through from the inside due to neglect.

For further information please see the Protection Detail under Services.

Frosty Vehicle