Azamara Cruises Unveils Competitive Pricing Strategy for Boutique Voyages

The decision to separate cruise costs from airfare comes at a time when consumers are increasingly demanding clarity and honesty in their purchases, including how their tax dollars are spent. Azamara Cruises’ new approach allows travelers to see the true cost of their cruise, empowering them to make informed decisions without hidden fees or bundled expenses.

Enhanced Value Proposition

In conjunction with the pricing update, Azamara Cruises is extending its promotional offer of a 50% reduced deposit, initially introduced in January. This combination of transparent pricing and reduced financial commitment positions Azamara as a compelling choice for those considering a small-ship cruise adventure.

Exceptional European Itineraries Starting at $999

Azamara’s itineraries in Europe are now available from an astonishing $999 per person, showcasing the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional value. This pricing is particularly remarkable given the high-caliber experience past guests have reported, which includes outstanding service, gourmet dining, and unique docking locations that larger vessels cannot access. For instance, Azamara’s ships have the capability to navigate into the heart of cities, such as sailing up rivers to dock centrally in St. Petersburg, significantly enhancing the overall travel experience.