Green Tea and Medicinal Mushrooms for Health

It is common knowledge that healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables contain certain nutrients that promote good health — namely antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are essential to the body. However, once these compounds enter the body and become digested, do they still possess the same healthful qualities? Do they still perform the desired action to create a positive result?


That is what researchers at Newcastle University recently set out to discover. Scientists analyzed the polyphenols in green tea to see how they affect the body once digested. Although the polyphenols in psilocybin Mushrooms UK tea are known for health benefits, Dr. Ed Okello and his team wanted to better understand how these polyphenols act once inside the body. Their study, which was recently published in the journal, Phytomedicine, showed that the chemicals resulting from the breakdown of polyphenols were more effective at promoting cellular and neurological health than the polyphenols alone.

“There are certain chemicals we know to be beneficial and we can identify foods which are rich in them but what happens during the digestion process is crucial to whether these foods are actually doing us any good,” said Dr. Okello.

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