More Cool Web Tricks May 4 21:00 2004 Jim Edwards Jim Edwards

If you ask most people what frustrates them most about the
Internet, many of them will tell you “It’s the little

It seems like all the great tricks and tips that
make people exclaim “STOP! How did you do that?”
never make
it into any manual (at least where I can find them).

My father (and co-author of “Turn Words Into Traffic”)
calls it the “reverse oral tradition” of computing, where
children teach parents the survival skills of PC life.

Well, if you want to look good to your kids or buddies
around the water cooler, check out the following cool web

~^~ Cool Google Tricks ~^~

Virtually everyone knows that ranks at the top
of most people’s search engine lists, but it does a lot
more than just tell you where to find vitamins or
information on George Washington’s wooden teeth!

Need a map to a specific location?

Type in the address, city and state of virtually any
location in the US, hit the search button, and Google
serves up several different map providers across the Web.

Want to know what software application