Review of Aces High II

Aces High II is a massive multi-player online combat simulation centered around the World War II air-war. Online multi player gaming is HUGE, and Aces High II brings Air Combat Gaming to a whole new level. You can play other gamers from all across the world right in front of you computer.

The download for this game only takes around 5 minutes or so. After the download was complete, the installation is quick and easy. File size is relatively small, around 100Mb or so, and registration only takes a few minutes. Your account with Aces High II is always free and they never ask for any billing information until you use your two week free trial. After you complete your two week trial (one per customer), the game then prompts you as to whether you want to subscribe or not. The subscription is $14.95 U.S. per month. If you chose not to subscribe, you can continue to play Aces High II in the Head-to-Head arenas or over your LAN for free.

After installation and registration were complete, I tried running the game in the offline arena. The game froze on me before I even got out of the menu area. I’m not sure what caused this, but my computer is well above the minimum requirements for the game. So I restarted the game and tried it again. After the restart I had no problems with the game running in the offline mode. Although it took me a little while to figure out the game play, but after going to their website I was up and running. They have a very detailed FAQ section and instructions page to answer most all of your questions.

Game play in the offline arena was very smooth with no noticeable skips or glitches in the game. Graphics were detailed nicely and looked very realistic. Flight controls took awhile to get used to, but that’s typical of most flight simulator games. Offline mode gives you a chance to get used to flying and landing airplanes, and to learn all of the controls for this World War II air-war simulation game. I was impressed by the accuracy in the game play, flight was relatively slow but accurate of this vintage World War II aircraft.