The Secret Behind The Secret DVD – 23 Motivational Quotes – Movies That Change Live

If your first introduction to Esther Hicks was in watching The Secret Movie, then you may not be familiar with her works. During my first couple of views of The Secret DVD the teachers that spoke to me the loudest where Esther Hicks and Dr Michael Beckwith. I was curious to find out more. Since Mrs. Hicks is not attached to The Secret website in any way, I had to do a little research. The amazing ride through the Teachings of Abraham has been wonderful.

Only those with an open mind need venture here. Abraham defies logic. I found this DVD, “The Secret Behind The Secret” to be a great introduction to the Teachings of Abraham. It is packed with more than 3 hours of footage, comes as a 2-DVD set. If you’re a seasoned Abraham follower you may be disappointed that most all of the footage was recorded in 2004. For me the combination of seeing Esther, hearing Esther, the music and special effects more than make up for that fact. What might surprise the novice secret seeker most is that the information presented here has quite a lot of similarity to the The Secret DVD but has actually been around and available to the public since 1986, hence the title of this movie.

Since everyone is on their own personal journey, discover for yourself th 離婚したくない場合の奥の手 e message of Abraham-Hicks. The following are 23 motivational quotes from the DVD:

1. The happiest person is the most successful person.

2. We are capable of changing, nobody is locked in where they are.

3. We are all energy beings.

4. If the asking is there then the answers come.

5. The closer we get to knowing the Non-Physical the fewer words we have for clearly expressing it.

6. I now understand that the purpose of life is joy.

7. They are infinite intelligence and they are as broad or as deep as the question that is asked.